Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tractor Sales in USA off by 40% by Walt Barrett

   It has been recently reported that the sale of farm tractors is down by 40% in the USA.   Most major brands are actually built in China, Korea, or Japan.  This outcome was highly predictable  because like everything else in America these days Tractors are made off shore due to the cheap labor and no unions.  Now all of these manufacturers have to do is to figure out where the American  workers who have been displaced by the off shore manufacturers are going to get the money to buy any off shore products.  It seems that the wonderful "Global Economy" vision of the future is not working out so well for 16% unemployed workers of the American work force and is only wonderful for the giant corporations that are raking in millions and don't kid yourself, those lost jobs may never come back to the USA unless congress takes immediate action!
   I am sad to say that we ourselves have been forced to buy offshore tractors because we found it impossible to purchase American made farm tractors for resale.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

We can ship you a fresh tractor direct from the factory by Walt Barrett

If you would like your own custom built Jinma or Terra Cyclone Tractor shipped to your destination direct from the factory please contact us.  We have 17 years experience.

You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: He is the President of

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

China Depot Enjoys Strong Tractor and Equipment Sales by Walt Barrett

April 28 2011
   A to Z Global Marketing Inc. Of Lincoln, Rhode Island,  is reporting that the sales of its Terra Cyclone and Jinma tractors are very strong. We are having a very strong spring season for 2011.  Walter H. Barrett President attributes the spike in sales to a "Back to the land movement" due to the changes in the economic climate, The high quality of the tractors, the availability of tractors in semi knocked down kits, the fact that the tractors are half the price of their competitors, and the realization by their clients that most compact tractors sold in the USA are built in Asia anyway so why not cash in on the savings by going factory direct.  Terra Cyclone and Jinma tractors can be shipped from the warehouse in Rhode Island or Factory Direct to any city world wide.  Interested buyers should order as soon as possible because if the tractor you want is out of stock it can take sixty days for delivery crated from the factory.
We are also the inventors and makers of  "Battery Chem"  Save thousands of dollars replacing your electric forklift batteries.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Free Job Training Reconditioning Fork Lift Batteries by Walt Barrett

Our company is in the business of providing the chemicals necessary in the field of Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning. We sell chemicals, not training!
If you are interested in learning this very profitable business please contact me, Walt Barrett at We will provide you with 100% free training. We will send you a free video training course, and a free training manual.
Fork lift batteries cost thousands of dollars to replace. We recently saved a client over $13,000 dollars by restoring two large fork lift batteries for us. It's possible to make a six figure income reconditioning these very expensive units.
You have nothing to lose by taking our free training program. You will receive the training course including video via email electronic files.
Remember, we sell chemicals, not expensive training programs. Our training is 100% free!
Simply write to

Friday, February 05, 2010

Composting Toilets Saving Home Builders A Fortune by Walt Barrett

You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: He is the President of

Monday, October 26, 2009

Barrett Solar Pump Wins Prize

I wanted to share this with you. We hope to save millions of lives with this pump I developed 35 years ago and it was basically ignored by the scientific community. It took a group in Cambodia to get it off the ground. I have given this invention freely to the world.
Walt Barrett
I am very happy to let you know that our Organization
(Mekong Green Power) has won a prize at the Lien I3 Competition in Singapore on Friday 23rd, 2009 to implement the Barrett Steam Pump in Cambodia.
Out of 648 projects sent to the competition only 8 projects succeed to be winner - We are one of them.

My objective is to keep you updated on progress and applications we develop under this grant.

We are interested to purchase the solar panels from your Organization soonest we obtain the budget within 60 days and when mechanical workshop is in place.

Guess, the second phase for us is to develop desalination system using Barrett Steam Pump and solar panels. We may add this application in the development phase in 2010 and request more funds.

I will be flying to Washington on Nov 7 and return on Nov 17 to attend the Development Marketplace 2009. Should the time allows I propose we have a social telephone call.

All The Best & Regards.


You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: He is the President of

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Free Training Course From Walt Barrett

Free Training Course With No Purchase Required From Walt Barrett

A 25 year old proven system you can do in your back yard. NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED!
We are offering a free training manual and Video. It is a complete course on Automotive Battery Servicing and Restoration including refilling sealed batteries and repairing sulfated cells. If you need work this is a very profitable business. Contact