Friday, July 04, 2008

Living off grid in a micro home by Walt Barrett

We have an ongoing micro home construction series on our other blog
If you are tired of feeling the pinch of high taxes and energy costs I strongly suggest you visit the site often and soak up all the knowledge you can. I have nearly forty years in the solar and off grid energy business and this promises to be an interesting project.
Also, it would be very helpful if you could fill out our survey below and mail it to us at
Very low cost solar powered micro home survey

We are a New England based corporation currently building a prototype model of a micro home. Our unit is designed to be totally off the power grid with the electricity and hot water to be supplied by solar energy with a tiny propane or wood backup if necessary. These homes are much lower in cost, and the energy bills are a fraction of full size conventional homes. Energy costs by current micro home dwellers are reported to be as low as $200.00 a year. Some of our models sell for under $10,000.00. less than a new automobile. You must provide your own lot and fresh water supply. We view them as excellent for singles or couples, and retirees who may reside up north in the summer and down south or the desert for the winter. They are a very economical way to live if you can appreciate the life style. We also view these homes as possibly the only alternative for many people to ever own a home in this hostile economy, and seniors whom can no longer pay the ridiculous property taxes in most cities and towns.
If you are interest in this life style you could help us by answering just a few short questions.
Thank you
Would you ever consider owning a very low cost but very attractive Micro Home?
With some Micro Homes on the market starting at the extremely small size of 64 square feet plus a sleeping or storage loft of 50 square feet.
What is the smallest number of square feet you would consider living in? 64 square feet = 8 feet X 8 feet Can you live without a home laundry?
Can you live with just a shower and no tub?
Would you consider using a 100% odor free composting toilet?
Would you use a space saving sleeping loft with windows at either end for ventilation and safety, or do you need extra space for a bed on the main floor? (Lofts not recommended for seniors.)
Can you find a space to place this micro home if you wanted one?
Do you need a full foundation or just concrete blocks to set the unit on?
Do you think the micro home is a good idea for low income and retired people, or just plain stupid?
How many people would occupy your micro home if you had one?
If the models varied in size from 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 8 x 12, 8 x 14, 8 x 16, or 8x20’ is there a size that you would prefer realizing that the 8’ x 20’ is most likely to be nearly triple the cost of that 8 x8’ model, and the energy bills would also be higher?
We will be happy to answer any questions pertaining to these homes

Thank you,
Walt Barrett President
A to Z global marketing Inc

You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: He is the President of