Tuesday, October 05, 2010

China Depot Enjoys Strong Tractor and Equipment Sales by Walt Barrett

April 28 2011
   A to Z Global Marketing Inc. Of Lincoln, Rhode Island, www.chinadepot.com  is reporting that the sales of its Terra Cyclone and Jinma tractors are very strong. We are having a very strong spring season for 2011.  Walter H. Barrett President attributes the spike in sales to a "Back to the land movement" due to the changes in the economic climate, The high quality of the tractors, the availability of tractors in semi knocked down kits, the fact that the tractors are half the price of their competitors, and the realization by their clients that most compact tractors sold in the USA are built in Asia anyway so why not cash in on the savings by going factory direct.  Terra Cyclone and Jinma tractors can be shipped from the warehouse in Rhode Island or Factory Direct to any city world wide.  Interested buyers should order as soon as possible because if the tractor you want is out of stock it can take sixty days for delivery crated from the factory.
We are also the inventors and makers of  "Battery Chem"  Save thousands of dollars replacing your electric forklift batteries.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Free Job Training Reconditioning Fork Lift Batteries by Walt Barrett

Our company is in the business of providing the chemicals necessary in the field of Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning. We sell chemicals, not training!
If you are interested in learning this very profitable business please contact me, Walt Barrett at wbarrett1@aol.com We will provide you with 100% free training. We will send you a free video training course, and a free training manual.
Fork lift batteries cost thousands of dollars to replace. We recently saved a client over $13,000 dollars by restoring two large fork lift batteries for us. It's possible to make a six figure income reconditioning these very expensive units.
You have nothing to lose by taking our free training program. You will receive the training course including video via email electronic files.
Remember, we sell chemicals, not expensive training programs. Our training is 100% free!
Simply write to wbarrett1@aol.com

Friday, February 05, 2010