Monday, October 26, 2009

Barrett Solar Pump Wins Prize

I wanted to share this with you. We hope to save millions of lives with this pump I developed 35 years ago and it was basically ignored by the scientific community. It took a group in Cambodia to get it off the ground. I have given this invention freely to the world.
Walt Barrett
I am very happy to let you know that our Organization
(Mekong Green Power) has won a prize at the Lien I3 Competition in Singapore on Friday 23rd, 2009 to implement the Barrett Steam Pump in Cambodia.
Out of 648 projects sent to the competition only 8 projects succeed to be winner - We are one of them.

My objective is to keep you updated on progress and applications we develop under this grant.

We are interested to purchase the solar panels from your Organization soonest we obtain the budget within 60 days and when mechanical workshop is in place.

Guess, the second phase for us is to develop desalination system using Barrett Steam Pump and solar panels. We may add this application in the development phase in 2010 and request more funds.

I will be flying to Washington on Nov 7 and return on Nov 17 to attend the Development Marketplace 2009. Should the time allows I propose we have a social telephone call.

All The Best & Regards.


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Free Training Course From Walt Barrett

Free Training Course With No Purchase Required From Walt Barrett

A 25 year old proven system you can do in your back yard. NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED!
We are offering a free training manual and Video. It is a complete course on Automotive Battery Servicing and Restoration including refilling sealed batteries and repairing sulfated cells. If you need work this is a very profitable business. Contact

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Custom Built Lithium Ion Batteries Direct from Manufacturer by Walt Barrett

Custom Built Lithium Ion Batteries Direct from Manufacturer by Walt

JUN 9, 2009

Our Company, A to Z Global Marketing Inc. AKA has made a marketing arrangement with a major manufacturer of Li Ion batteries in Asia. These batteries are used in the following equipment.

For the Lithium batteries, we can produce the batteries for the following prdoucts:

Power Tools

Electric Bicycles

Electric Cars

Electric Motorbike

Miner Lamp

Portable Energy

Portable DVD player

So long as you provide us the detailed information, such as the battery will be used on what kind of product, battery box dimension, voltage, capacity, using conditions such as charging current, discharge current (including the pulse charge & discharge current), we can design the battery for you accordingly

For the LifePO4 battery, we produce single cells, for the battery pack, it’s almost all custom-made. We design the battery pack based on the following information:

1> battery box dimension

2> working voltage,

3> capacity,

4> charging current (including normal charge current and max charge current),

5> discharging current (including normal discharge current and pulse charge current),

6> used on what product

7> working temperature ..

If the customer can provide the above information, we can design the battery for them accordingly.

This kind of battery is new type of battery in recent years, its cycle life is very long about 1500~2000 times, and it’s environment-friendly, and it’s very safe compared with other lithium ion batteries. Many car/ EV/electric bicycle, motors companies are developing this kind of battery. So, in the future, this battery should have a good market in the world.

Please contact if you are interested

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Walt has a new and improved Blog Site

Our New and improved Blog site is at
We cover many subjects there.
For the many writings, hundreds of photos on , and for many videos by Walt Barrett (chinadepot = YouTube site name) Just Google Walt Barrett, or Walter H. Barrett

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Lost Your Job – Consider Starting A Business by Walt Barrett

Lost Your Job – Consider Starting A Business by Walt Barrett
This could be the best time.Unfortunately, many people have recently lost their jobs, and many more people are about to lose their jobs. My view is that as long as you work for someone else you are never secure. Today you are nothing but a number in the corporate book keeping system. You are seen either as an asset, or a liability, nothing more. There is no future in that. So if you are already out of work anyway, I see it as an opportunity to finally have the time to start a business. So you say, yes, a good idea, but I don’t have any money. I say well maybe that’s a good thing, and you say “That Barrett guy is nuts!” Well maybe you have to be! It depends on your attitude.Why do I say not having any money is a good thing? Because I have have seen thousands of start ups that were totally funded fall flat on their Fannie’s! Here’s one version the scenario. The people get the money through a loan, or relatives, or a combination of both. The first thing they do is run out and rent a fancy string of offices . The second thing they do is to fill the office with a lot of fancy gadgets, and expensive phone lines and people. The third thing they do is run out and spend a mint on fancy cars and trucks. Now that they have spent a major portion of their start up capital, they finally realize that they have spent a ton of money, and have not made a cent yet, and I haven’t even mentioned the salaries. This is what I call putting the cart before the horse. Many people will disagree with me, and say I am dead wrong, but I do not agree, because, I have seen it too many times. The cold hard truth is that “Overhead is the monster that eats businesses!” Take a look around you right now. Companies that were loaded with dead wood for fifty years are finally waking up to the “facts of business” that they have long since ignored. Many of these companies have left the scene already, and many more are to follow. Well, enough of that.Here is my suggestion. First of all we’ll assume that you have very little money but you really, and truly want to own a business. Rule number one is that if you have a job, don’t give it up unless you are really don’t need money to live on, lol. It is always best in my opinion to start off part time, and give your idea a test run because start ups are rarely overnight success stories. Rule number two is that as long as you have a choice, do something that you are positive you will enjoy doing. The idea is that if you are going to do all that work, it better be the kind of work you like. If you have a hobby, or skill that looks like it could be a money maker, then you should give that idea serious consideration. Look for a business that requires as few employees as possible to start out with, or better yet a business that you can do alone at least to get it off the ground. Then, you start off small, and learn the ropes about stretching your money, and keeping the overheard low. Unfortunately, many employees have no idea of the costs involved just to keep the doors open on a business. Home business are the best to start off with, and learn with because they have the lowest overhead of all. You will need a first class accounting system too. We use Quik Books because it is an excellent system, and simple to use it you take the time to learn it. If you have to, get someone who knows the system to help you set it up correctly. That is the secret. If you do not want to keep books, and carry all your money around in your pockets you will surely fail. I have seen it a hundred times. I have seen many a man wine, woman, and song his business into oblivion! I’ll bet you have too.So what really makes a business tick? The short answer is by giving people what they need, and want for the best possible price, best customer service, and by working hard at it. There is no long answer, it’s that simple.You may have to test many ideas before you hit pay dirt. You might have a brand new idea for a product, or service, or you might just copy another successful business. There has always been a lot of that lately, and that is why some businesses are so fragmented, too many fingers in too many pies. I remember when McDonald’s first came to our state. Within a year we had at least four copycats. People always need the basics of food, clothing and shelter. In these troubled times, selling them any other product requires a great deal more effort. One thing that I have learned from the Internet business is that the easiest way to reach the most people is through a site like (is free) or These are all great sites. I do not work for them, and I am not plugging them. eBay is a simple fact of life. If you have a product you want to sell eBay is the least expensive way to reach the most people. eBay is also the best way to do market research on a product. If you want to test a new product, or price structure, put it on eBay. You will get your answer in a big hurry, and eBay also publishes free statistics on what the hot selling items are. So lets just say you are really broke but you want to start a business. eBay may be your answer. You can go out and scrounge around for a few interesting items at garage sales etc.,and sell them on eBay for a very small fee. I say the if you can make even twenty percent over all of your real expenses, you have yourself a business! It’s a good way to learn the ropes.One more idea for today. There is a web site that is only twenty cents per listing.There is basically one rule. You may can only list your hand made items, or supplies for craft workersI have a daughter in law whom is enjoying very steady sales on . She is also a four time cancer survivor. If she can do it, so can you.In closing I would like to say that I could not possibly cover all of the business scenario’s in this Blog. There are so may more. The bottom line is that you do what you have to do, cut lawns, sell scrap metal, pick up aluminum cans, if you have to, but just do something to get you started learning about running a business! If you have specific business problem, or question please contact me through my new Blog We have a money and business section on there, and will answer your question as best we can. I have been running businesses since 1954.Walt Barrett Presidentwww.chinadepot.comwbarrett1@aolcom

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A to Z Global's Battery Restoration Business Booming by Walt Barrett

A to Z Global's Battery Restoration Business Booming by Walt Barrett
The automotive lead acid battery restoration business is booming!
THE REPEAT BUSINESS IS INCREDIBLE. Our current daily sales of the restoration chemicals are exceeding last years entire total sales by 100% every day. This is an unheard of growth rate. We credit the quality, success results, and the Internet for the current sales explosion of this 25 year old proven product. Our videos on ,and are experiencing thousands of views. We also credit our no gimmick approach to the business. Our training video and training manual are free in the form of down loadable files. You may also view the video at: write to me at for these downloads. We also offer free samples if you pay the postage.Our dry chemical formula is totally different than any other product that we have seen on the market. Many people have mentioned EDTA to us, but we do not use EDTA. Our product "unlocks" the potential unused energy in any battery that passes our simple testing methods with out the use of expensive high tech testing instruments. Also you need is a simple old fashioned battery load tester and a volt meter to test your batteries. These units will not make explosive sparks if you always clamp to the positive battery terminal first and remove the positive clip last when finished testing.Batteries should also be tested in a well ventilated area. You can always aim an electric fan from a few feet away over the battery to be tested if you are concerned about gases.The bottom line is that thousands of dollars are being saved, or earned by auto battery recycling. We invite you to contact us to get started in this business or just to do your own battery restoration. We will send you enough free chemical to do one battery if you simply pay the shipping costs. Just click here FREE kit includes chemicals for two batteries, six plastic caps for sealed batteries, and a free manual. The postage is only $13.95 for the entire package shipping and packing.When you consider that a new battery can cost up to $125.00 or more, this is a really great offer, and could launch you into a great part of full time business. REMEMBER-- OUR FORMULA IS A SAFE DRY CHEMICAL FORMULA, AND IS NOT EDTA! IT ONLY WORKS ON BATTERIES THAT PASS OUR CELL TESTING PROGRAM AS SHOWN IN OUR FREE TESTING MANUAL.You may contact me personally at: to Z Global and China Depot are 100% American owned companies by Walter H. Barrett
Lincoln, Rhode Island USA.