Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A to Z Global's Battery Restoration Business Booming by Walt Barrett

A to Z Global's Battery Restoration Business Booming by Walt Barrett
The automotive lead acid battery restoration business is booming!
THE REPEAT BUSINESS IS INCREDIBLE. Our current daily sales of the restoration chemicals are exceeding last years entire total sales by 100% every day. This is an unheard of growth rate. We credit the quality, success results, and the Internet for the current sales explosion of this 25 year old proven product. Our videos on http://www.youtube.com/ ,and http://www.facebook.com/ are experiencing thousands of views. We also credit our no gimmick approach to the business. Our training video and training manual are free in the form of down loadable files. You may also view the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuZhf2J-NIg&feature=channel_pageJust write to me at wbarrett@aol.com for these downloads. We also offer free samples if you pay the postage.Our dry chemical formula is totally different than any other product that we have seen on the market. Many people have mentioned EDTA to us, but we do not use EDTA. Our product "unlocks" the potential unused energy in any battery that passes our simple testing methods with out the use of expensive high tech testing instruments. Also you need is a simple old fashioned battery load tester and a volt meter to test your batteries. These units will not make explosive sparks if you always clamp to the positive battery terminal first and remove the positive clip last when finished testing.Batteries should also be tested in a well ventilated area. You can always aim an electric fan from a few feet away over the battery to be tested if you are concerned about gases.The bottom line is that thousands of dollars are being saved, or earned by auto battery recycling. We invite you to contact us to get started in this business or just to do your own battery restoration. We will send you enough free chemical to do one battery if you simply pay the shipping costs. Just click here http://www.chinadepot.com/batripod.html#suppliesThe FREE kit includes chemicals for two batteries, six plastic caps for sealed batteries, and a free manual. The postage is only $13.95 for the entire package shipping and packing.When you consider that a new battery can cost up to $125.00 or more, this is a really great offer, and could launch you into a great part of full time business. REMEMBER-- OUR FORMULA IS A SAFE DRY CHEMICAL FORMULA, AND IS NOT EDTA! IT ONLY WORKS ON BATTERIES THAT PASS OUR CELL TESTING PROGRAM AS SHOWN IN OUR FREE TESTING MANUAL.You may contact me personally at: wbarrett1@aol.com.A to Z Global and China Depot are 100% American owned companies by Walter H. Barrett
Lincoln, Rhode Island USA.