Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Custom Built Lithium Ion Batteries Direct from Manufacturer by Walt Barrett

Custom Built Lithium Ion Batteries Direct from Manufacturer by Walt

JUN 9, 2009

Our Company, A to Z Global Marketing Inc. AKA www.chinadepot.com has made a marketing arrangement with a major manufacturer of Li Ion batteries in Asia. These batteries are used in the following equipment.

For the Lithium batteries, we can produce the batteries for the following prdoucts:

Power Tools

Electric Bicycles

Electric Cars

Electric Motorbike

Miner Lamp

Portable Energy

Portable DVD player

So long as you provide us the detailed information, such as the battery will be used on what kind of product, battery box dimension, voltage, capacity, using conditions such as charging current, discharge current (including the pulse charge & discharge current), we can design the battery for you accordingly

For the LifePO4 battery, we produce single cells, for the battery pack, it’s almost all custom-made. We design the battery pack based on the following information:

1> battery box dimension

2> working voltage,

3> capacity,

4> charging current (including normal charge current and max charge current),

5> discharging current (including normal discharge current and pulse charge current),

6> used on what product

7> working temperature ..

If the customer can provide the above information, we can design the battery for them accordingly.

This kind of battery is new type of battery in recent years, its cycle life is very long about 1500~2000 times, and it’s environment-friendly, and it’s very safe compared with other lithium ion batteries. Many car/ EV/electric bicycle, motors companies are developing this kind of battery. So, in the future, this battery should have a good market in the world.

Please contact wbarrett1@aol.com if you are interested

You may contact Walter H. Barrett at: info@chinadepot.com. He is the President of www.chinadepot.com.