Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tractor Sales in USA off by 40% by Walt Barrett

   It has been recently reported that the sale of farm tractors is down by 40% in the USA.   Most major brands are actually built in China, Korea, or Japan.  This outcome was highly predictable  because like everything else in America these days Tractors are made off shore due to the cheap labor and no unions.  Now all of these manufacturers have to do is to figure out where the American  workers who have been displaced by the off shore manufacturers are going to get the money to buy any off shore products.  It seems that the wonderful "Global Economy" vision of the future is not working out so well for 16% unemployed workers of the American work force and is only wonderful for the giant corporations that are raking in millions and don't kid yourself, those lost jobs may never come back to the USA unless congress takes immediate action!
   I am sad to say that we ourselves have been forced to buy offshore tractors because we found it impossible to purchase American made farm tractors for resale.

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